Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Global Ambassador Deena Gray Henry

My wish  for humanity is to 
" Receive unconditional love,
unconditional acceptance; recognize inspiration,
follow intuition, act immediately."
Deena Gray - Henry

Deena Gray - Henry CPC

Deena envisions helping everyone worldwide realize light, truth, integrity, love, peace, financial freedom, total health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Since 2007, Deena has helped hundreds of clients -- individuals, children, couples, counselors, professionals, business owners and even animals.  They have experienced remarkable, life-improving results from their sessions with Deena.

Deena's intuitive ability is finely tuned.  She is able to quickly and accurately identify the root of negative issues, release low energy (fear, anger, trauma, stress, dis-ease) and replace them with high energy (love, joy, peace, happiness, confidence, wellness).  One of Deena's gifts is knowing the ideal affirmations her clients need to create easy, gentle and permanent shifts into high-energy thoughts, habits and wellness.    

Deena is a certified SimplyHealed™ practitioner, serves as a Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace and is a Fowler Wainwright International certified life coach.

Deena desires to create high energy in all layers, levels and areas of her clients’ lives. To facilitate high energy, total wellness and wellbeing, Deena now offers Nikken International and essential therapeutic oils products to enhance her work.  Deena’s blend of energy work, life coaching skills, Nikken products and therapeutic oils ensures amazing, lasting results for her clients.

Deena is very grateful for her many clients who share their inspiring testimonials and is humbled to help them in their journey to 'Be Free'!  She recognizes the hand of the Master Healer in her work and is eternally grateful for His permanent presence in her life!

 Deena Gray - Henry CPC
Phone ~ 657-333-6244

A Global Vision For Peace

 From my heart, by my hand, 
 I become a beacon of light, reaching in all directions, 
embracing all who are drawn to me 
and sheltering all 
in a shimmering turquoise sea of unconditional acceptance. 

Glowing countenances radiate harmony and unity. 

Feel the living, sentient sense of highest energy formed from love. 

  My gift to you is the intuitive path 
upon which we receive unconditional love, 
recognize inspiration, 
follow intuition, and act immediately. 
 Peace permeates reality to become reality.  

 From this foundation, have an open mind to see what is available. 

  Have an open heart to accept and use what is right.    

The foundation supports more than enough
h to facilitate good choices, 
giving everyone the choice to be who you are intended to be. 


The highest vibration shimmers to smooth rough edges
  fill in the cracks.  
Every minute of every day, 
create the synergy in tangible love and peace.
Author Pamela Rice CPC
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LIVE from the Pacific Northwest Women's Conference
and The Dr Pat LIVE Radio Show

Monday, February 27, 2012

Global Ambassador Shane Belceto

Shane Belceto CPC

Shane Belceto the expect miracles man has overcome a variety of challenges in both life and business. He has had the opportunity to work from his home in Washington State for the past 15 years. Shane has an ability to see things differently and from a positive view point no matter the circumstance. Shane is a man of many talents. Never mind the fact that he is visually impaired, he never let a thing called “sight” get in his way. Shane is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Speaker and Author. He specializes in helping others go after their dreams and goals, using a combination of coaching and social media tools. It is an inspiration that despite his visual impairment he is actually very technologically savvy.

To Contact Shane Belceto
Call 253-205-0190
You can often find him volunteering or off on a mission trip, always ready to help others. He has had the opportunity to help a variety of people in a number of ways throughout the globe both online and off line. Of the many titles and talents that Shane possesses, the one that he wears with the highest regard is that of “Dad”. He is a loving father and a supportive person. He finds joy in helping others, and it is his life’s passion to do so. Shane is truly an inspiration! Inspiring both the seeing and the visually impaired with his talents and accomplishments, and proving to others that if he can do it, truly anyone can.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Are One

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Ambassador Janet Sirmans

Janet Sirmans CPC

My name is Janet Sirmans, and I am a passionate individual who cares about others happiness and well-being. I have four children, and six precious grandchildren. I love children, and they are our future. It is my belief that we are all a product of our environment, and should ensure that our youngsters behave appropriately in society. This is one of many ways in which world peace could be spread. Spreading world peace is a huge challenge, but we must put forth the effort in order to realize this great dream I have had since I was a little girl.
I studied at University of Phoenix online, and obtained my BS in psychology in 2011. The reason I chose this field is because I was interested in the human mind, and why humans behave and think the way they do. Everything has its root cause, so after graduating, I decided to begin my own business as a life coach so that I can do my part to help as many people as I possibly can.
I love people, as I am a people person. The first thing people notice about me is my smile, as I feel smiling regularly goes a long way in demonstrating one’s personality. I am also a generous person in giving to those who are less fortunate than I am. It is my belief that we are to treat one another with compassion, because there are so many who are deprived. I always listen to my heart in helping the poor.
I love attending art shows, street fairs, museums, concerts, and travels. It is my sincere hope and desire that someday I will be afforded the opportunity to travel to other countries and view some of the world. The bottom line is that wherever we go, either near or far, we should all strive to make the world a better place to live.

Janet Sirmans CPC ~ Contact Information
Phone 609-923-2903
Email ~ jenna10720@yahoo.com

A Vision for World Peace......

By my hand, from my heart...... 
I impart "faith" ~  
"With the day fresh on your heart,
you head to your room
for the time you have ...
dedicated for you and for God.  

Passing your well read bible
you decide today
not to pick it up
but to sit near the window...

and to have conversation with Him.  

You wish to simply share your gratitude
and your love
and to let him know,
you know.    

While in this place you feel the love,
physically and within.

You move on to your journal to record your thoughts and feelings
and mark this day down as extraordinary.

You lay down 
to sleep ... 
and you hear a clear voice speak,

“Now sleep my child and wake refreshed …. I got the rest covered.” 

With pure peace within,
your tears of joy guide you restfully to sleep
and you know tomorrow will be another day like today.


 Sian Design Photography 

Ambassador Pamela Rice

Pamela Rice ~ B.Ed, CPC, CGL


Certified Professional Life Coach, 
Certified Group Leader, 
Author, Speaker, Teacher, 
Mentor to successful entrepreneurs.

Working from her island home, Pamela utilizes all that the internet offers to stay in constant contact with clients.  

Years of corporate experience has given her  insight into the disillusionment that many of us have, knowing that the world is ever changing, and knowing when the time is right to move with those changes.

Clients come from all walks of life.  With her 30 years of experience in insurance, real estate, law, education, network marketing, even the funeral industry; - Pamela is particularly attuned to the challenges faced in a variety of circumstances.   As a successful seminar speaker, she has shown many entrepreneurs how to focus their lives, their careers, or their businesses so that everything from the office environment to the home environment works in synergy to create growth.

Providing Law Of Attraction support to entrepreneurs who want more abundance and balance in life.

Pamela assists you in identifying and achieving your financial, personal and health and wellness goals. You have probably given thought to navigating towards a personal vision, whether it be your own business, a successful career, or a desire to bring more balance into your life. Utilizing her wealth of experience, and her highly skilled training as a coach, she can assist you to focus your abilities to choose make choices in life using the law of attraction.
Working together with you, identifying and creating a plan of action, and keeping the lines of communication open, Pamela provides assistance and support as you move toward accomplishing your goals.

For Private Coaching
 Contact Pamela Rice

On Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Phone ~  778-425-4709
Email ~ pamelarice.mayne@gmail.com

A Vision For Peace....By My Hand

By my hand ...
and from my heart... Peace
Pamela Rice

It is clear now.....
secure, stable and comfortable
I am quiet within...and peace is evident.

The music of the spheres
sings my soul
into receiving its beauty.

The natural abundance
intended for me....
intended that I may fill …

and overflow
unto those I am blessed to meet...

Well being is assured
in the ebb and flow...
The circle of my life...

its fruit born unto all

The earth, The sun...
The flora..
The earth's bountiful garden
is ours.
Creation moves ….
and I with it,
touches all....
We bloom...

Caroline Douglas Sculpture ~ Boulder, Colorado

Wednesday, February 15, 2012