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Ambassador Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Marta Davidovich Ockuly 

I am an agent for peace, joy, and positive change.
I teach / coach creativity development 
in a way which awakens creative potential 
for personal and professional growth.
I share inspiration and encouragement with the world

Creativity Catalyst/Educator/Inspiration Expert
4334 Augustine Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34231
(440) 724-4427


Master of Science, May, 2011 (4.0 G.P.A.)
International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State (SUNY), Buffalo, New York
Focused on Applied Creativity and Innovation, Creative Teaching and Learning, 
Creative Problem Solving, and Creative Leadership.
Honors:  Dr. Mary Murdock Creative Spirit Scholarship Award
               SUNY Diversity Fellowship Award

Bachelor of Arts
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida. May, 2005.
Major:   Human Development and Counseling
            Honors: Graduated with High Honors (3.97 G.P.A.)
                          Writer of Excellence Award
                          Outstanding Human Development Graduate Award

            Associate of Arts
            Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. January, 1973.
Major:   Radio/TV and Continuity Writing
            Awarded Certified Professional Coach designation for demonstrating mastery of the
            techniques and methodologies of professional coaching by the Fowler Wainwright
            International Institute of Professional Coaching, July 29, 2010.

            Advanced Training

            FourSight Facilitator Certification Training, E2E Conference, Buffalo State, NY, 2011.

Beyond Thought: Striking the Balance between Logic and Intuition in CPS,
Creative Education Foundation, Creative Problem Solving Institute, 2010.

Professional Experience

Instructor, Eckerd College, Program for Experienced Learners
 (PEL) (2011 to present)
Adjunct Faculty teaching LLV (Life, Learning & Vocation) 
and Creative Process to adult undergraduate students.

Social Media Marketing Consultant (2011-present)
educators, individuals, and organizations in effective use
 of social media for building brand awareness and an audience.

Creativity Catalyst (2003-present) Idea and creativity stimulation resource.
Conduct creativity workshops and retreats. Offer consulting services
to organizations in need of an idea infusion, employee creativity and
inspiration play shops, and targeted creativity training.

Creative Arts Educator (2006-present) Teach Creative Process,
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, and techniques for activating
creative potential with joy.  Groups addressed include: 
cancer patients (The Wellness Community),
social workers (Webster University), undergraduate students
(Eckerd College), educators (National Association for Gifted Children Conference)
, and social media audiences worldwid
e via and

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer (2009-present)
 Launched June 18, 2009, this site features positive,
 empowering quotes and coaching on 200 subjects.
 Visitors 1/1/2012 to date: 445,920. 
 The site is on track to surpass a million+ visitors this year.

Medical Outreach Educator (2006-2008)
The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida. Duties:
providing patient services training to oncology office personnel,
doctors, and patients facing cancer. Skills: public relations,
creative teaching and facilitation, inspirational public speaking
marketing, written and verbal communications.

Writing Instructor and Tutor (2003-2006) Eckerd College PEL program.
Taught academic writing classes in Sarasota, Florida, in addition to tutoring students privately.

Founder, Angel House Center for Creative Change (1995-2002) Used this retreat and creative education center in Strongsville, Ohio, as a venue for my Career Re-direction and Empowerment workshops. Offered spiritual counseling, life coaching, journaling, meditation instruction, intuition development and expressive arts classes, as well as, Artist’s Way study groups, self-development workshops, and personal growth conferences.

Creative Advertising Professional (1974-1994)
Directed in-house advertising for the nation’s largest drug store chain.
Managed multi-million dollar media budgets and all aspects of developing print
and broadcast campaigns. Measurably increased sales and profitability
while building business and brand awareness for both public
and private sector clients/employers.
Award-winning copywriter and idea resource.
Founded Healthy Image Advertising to provide
mid-sized drug chains and solopreneurs with cost-effective marketing options.  
Partial list of employers/clients:  Rexall Drug Company,
Revco D.S., Inc., Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, and Nationwide Advertising.
Committee Work 

Buffalo State Graduate Advisory Council Member (2010-2011)  
Appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School to join eight members 
elected from the graduate faculty to review and make recommendations 
regarding policy related to: admissions; curriculum; academic standards; 
and support of the research and service functions at the graduate level.

Selected Facilitations and Presentations

            Ockuly, M. D. (May, 2011). Teaching Creativity Creatively. International Center for
                        Studies in Creativity, Expert-To-Expert Conference, Buffalo, NY. Presented
                        original teaching approaches and research-based resources for use by creativity

            Ockuly, M. D. (November, 2010). Activating Creative Potential with Joy. Atlanta, GA:     
Invited Creativity Night Presenter, 57th Annual Convention, 
National Association for Gifted Children. Shared original learning activities 
with classroom applications.

Keller-Mathers, S., Ockuly, M. D., et al (September, 2010). Building Creative Capacity.
            Waterloo, Ontario: Invited Presentation for the Wilfrid Laurier University Annual
            Teaching Day. Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers:  keynote speaker. M. D. Ockuly: full-day
Table facilitator sharing creative teaching approaches with university professors.

Keller-Mathers, S., Ockuly, M. D., et al (September, 2010). Building Creative Capacity.
            Waterloo, Ontario: Invited Presentation for the Wilfrid Laurier University Annual
            Teaching Day. Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers:  keynote speaker. M. D. Ockuly:  poster
                        presenter providing one-on-one creativity training to university professors.
Membership Professional Organizations

            American Psychological Association
            APA Division 10 – Society of the Psychology of Aesthetics, 
            Creativity and the Arts
            Creative Education Foundation
            International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
            International Positive Psychology Association

Web Sites

            Joy of Quotes Blog
            JOY of Quotes

A Global Vision for Peace
Written by Ambassador Vanessa Bragg 
CMC ~ Australia

Joy to the world and peace will come, is Marta Ockuly’s unique creative pathway, and you dance that joy on a daily basis.

Peace is  harmlessness - personal inner, outer harmlessness, wrapped in a container of empathy, compassion, love and joy. Marta  you show the world your vision, your goal for Peace. Life is your preyer.

Marta you are in a deep and profound relationship with the world, one of pure love, significance and importance, your ability to seek out partnerships and associations  allows the sharing of the fruits of your creative garden.

Like a butterfly in a garden you flit from joyful blossom to joyful blossom indulging in creativity and embracing potential and possibility, with every gentle landing.
Creative Impulse is a born trait, you tell me, it is your birthright, and your reflection shows you, me and others this, this truth.  Whilst both, Internally achieving peace, and socially achieving community connectedness, you Marta as an ideas person, are creatively linked in to the universe as the ideas flow, as you graciously birth them, they are then gently laid in the arms of others give them wings, Marta, you truly know how to bring about change and impart a peaceful message. 

You have truly awakened your creative potential through you pathway of Joy and you reap the rewards of a life more Blessed, millions of miracles adorn you, and now as you leap out with out a net, you find yourself in the arms of grace. Your trust in a supporting universe rewards you.

Having found the blessings, from  the dark night of the soul experiences, you truly know you are the Light, all that there is and will every be, you Marta Ockley are unlimited.

See your vision of community connectedness, as the gardens grow the social gatherings of individuals who in the space become one, as creativity is nurtured. A space wrapped in cultivation and embrace of all that is creative within, by expressing in the outer world, though a range of mediums, textures and joyful feelings of accomplishment, unique to them selves. The community is enriched for the betterment of man, Marta plants the seeds, of a creativity not lost, of individuals with social connection, who find time to harness the potential of all the possibilities and nurture their potential.

And in the most free flowing of moments where time is never a constraint it does not matter whether you ride an elephant, adorn your body with a carpet of spray painted flowers and blossoms, take a world cruise as a global creativity ambassador, or speak at the united Nations - you will always impart a well heard message - It is the power of your creative potential that changes our destinations and bring Peace to our world.

Let me bring to the stage Magical Marta - Marta Ockuly - a Joy to the world!!!!

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