Saturday, November 24, 2012

Become A Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

Please Join An Extraordinary Team of Global Ambassadors

Certified Professional Life Coaches
trained through 
LIVE in person in New Mexico

Train To Become A Certified Professional Life Coach 

Become A Global Ambassador
for Celebrate World Peace
 For over thirty years and now perhaps more than ever 
Founder Sian Lindemann has been assisting individuals and companies to achieve a more fulfilling purpose and action in their lives, work and through their art.

Become a Featured Artist With Celebrate World Peace

Artist Tetka Rhu ~ is the love we seek....

Her Art, a reminder of our brilliance.
Hearts open...

Available from SianGlobal
for Celebrate World Peace
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Passion for Peace....

inspires poetry....

Shimmer ~ SianGlobal Studio

Thank YOU to ...

 Liveness does ever fill the heart
In song is truth the flow of time,
Like a river of light in the mind,
We bathe in the beauty of the message,
And I would hear.

If a tree is in bloom
What sin then to share its delight,
And toss petals over your crown?