Friday, December 28, 2012

Teens Coaching Teens ~ Spark Peace

We asked you to Speak YOUR Peace

We asked you to Walk The Talk

and YOU did
Teens Coaching Teens
Sparking Peace in their local community

Thank YOU to Mission Viejo Dance and Performing Arts
and Founder Jena Minnick
and Staff
Thank you to @SianGlobal
John Alevisakis ~ Little Buddha Studio
Digital Arts Plus
Teens Coaching Teens
Youth Leading With Peace
Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching
Peace One Day

Spark Peace - YOU can Help

Spark Peace 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

World Peace Artist Andrea Smith



Andrea Smith, world peace artist, philosopher and peace activator was born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She moved to Maui, Hawaii in 1981. She has been referred to as a painter of the spirit and always depicted as a colorist. Her work is created in an unusual outdoor studio where the natural sunlight permeates into everything she paints. Andrea works in acrylics, pastels and watercolors.

Smith was an educator for over 10 years. Because of her intense feelings for the educational system, Andrea’s imagery has been used by Prentice Hall for creative writing exercise books at various grade levels throughout the United States. This is an honor bestowed on very few people.

Andrea along with the former President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Carazo developed the first Art For Peace Calendar in 1986, which has been published continuously since 1987 where her message of inner peace can be seen on a daily basis.

Smith is devoted to world peace issues, and inner peace issues of the mind and psyche. Her philosophy is in order to have outer peace, this world peace that we all so desire; we must create the inner peace first. All the work starts at home first, with us. Then we can take it to others.

Her painting “Seeing Eye To Eye”, a visual representation of getting along with others, graces the University For Peace in Costa Rica. This organization was founded by the United Nations and Andrea Smith has been lending her support for the past 15 years.

Andrea has been exhibiting her paintings and sculptures internationally for over 30 years. She has had exhibitions in Japan, Indonesia, Egypt and Europe, as well as throughout the United States. Presidents, dignitaries and ordinary citizens of countries collect her paintings. She has also lectured and administered her painting workshops for dignitaries, teachers, collectors and celebrities around the world.

Smith enjoys working with her friends such as Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione, who founded the Center for Attitudinal Healing. She tries to add an uplifting feeling to the facilities via her paintings and spiritual message.

         Her collectors include the University For Peace in Costa Rica, Mrs. Anwar Sadat, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Eugenia Velikov, former President of Arts & Sciences of the former Soviet Union, Rinaldo Brutoco, founder of the World Business Academy, David Huis, Amsterdam, Holland, Rodrigo Carazo, former President of Costa Rica, Art Agnos, former Mayor of San Francisco, California, Shirley MacLaine, Roger Clemens and note worthy authors Terry Brooks, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eric Lustbader.

In 1998, Andrea developed a very powerful workshop entitled Square One – A Metaphor For Life.  This painting experience allows the participants to focus on the joy of the present moment via the medium of watercolor. She began to teach this watercolor workshop to teachers, as well as business people in Holland and the United States. Smith uses this workshop to call on people to shift from the left side of our brain to the right side.

In 2000, Andrea Smith opened her first art gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

    According to Smith this is a very special gallery to showcase her work and travel around the world. The gallery promotes art through culture and offers Smith a new venue to exhibit some of her more esoteric creations.

    The gallery offers a special journey, twice a year with Andrea as the host. Andrea has escorted her collectors to such areas as Bhutan, Egypt, Tibet and Borneo, where the groups interact with the people and their culture on a daily basis. At the end of each journey a special work of art is created that is gifted to each member of the group.

    Through Andrea’s travels she has been acquiring what she refers to as sacred art. This sacred art is showcased with her art in the gallery from the various places her travel leads her.

    The name of the gallery is Andrea Smith Gallery Sedona. It is located at 336 Highway 179 in the prestigious Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona, Arizona.

Smith does 2 one-woman shows per year at her gallery in Sedona.  

Andrea Smith Gallery
336 Highway 179
Tlaquepaque D102
Sedona, AZ 86336

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Diann Walksinpeaceandlove

One person.....

One gesture...

One gift....

CAN change your life ...

Diann Walksinpeaceandlove

When I first arrived in New Mexico ~ ONE person, THIS person
Diann Walksinpeaceandlove 
all the way to my house from Albuquerque,
a two hour drive each way...
to give me a gift....

It is a simple gift...
A pair of flip flops 
with the message of PEACE and LOVE 
on the bottom....

I was SO touched ....
that I've spent the whole year developing a way 
to utilize this idea to spread the message of peace.....
and the kind generosity and "effort" 
made by this unique and
selfless individual

What a blessing.....

There really ARE those

Walk The Talk !!!

Thank you Diann Walksinpeaceandlove 

This Holiday Season...
Let there be Peace "on earth" 
 ©SianGlobal photos

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rehearsal from the Grand Finale

Mission Viejo Dance and Performing Arts
mobbin' for PEACE

YOUTH Leading With Peace
in conjunction with
and SianGlobal
Final Countdown and Rehearsal ......
before THE mob...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peace is NOW

Rehearsal for our upcoming FLASH mob for Celebrate World Peace
Thank you Mission Viejo Dance and Performing Arts
Artists Beautiful Chorus
and Composer Arranger John Alevizakis
WOW !!!   
What People Will DO to Celebrate A World of Peace !

For Teens Coaching Teens, Peace Day TV, Celebrate World Peace and Tiny Stars

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Become A Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

Please Join An Extraordinary Team of Global Ambassadors

Certified Professional Life Coaches
trained through 
LIVE in person in New Mexico

Train To Become A Certified Professional Life Coach 

Become A Global Ambassador
for Celebrate World Peace
 For over thirty years and now perhaps more than ever 
Founder Sian Lindemann has been assisting individuals and companies to achieve a more fulfilling purpose and action in their lives, work and through their art.

Become a Featured Artist With Celebrate World Peace

Artist Tetka Rhu ~ is the love we seek....

Her Art, a reminder of our brilliance.
Hearts open...

Available from SianGlobal
for Celebrate World Peace
Inquire for pricing and Availability

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Passion for Peace....

inspires poetry....

Shimmer ~ SianGlobal Studio

Thank YOU to ...

 Liveness does ever fill the heart
In song is truth the flow of time,
Like a river of light in the mind,
We bathe in the beauty of the message,
And I would hear.

If a tree is in bloom
What sin then to share its delight,
And toss petals over your crown?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Walk The Talk for Peace

Walk The Talk ..... for peace all year long ~
Celebrate World Peace


Celebrate World Peace

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Celebrate World Peace 
make an Impression...
Peace On Earth
is within our reach


Meditation and Inner Peace

From Oneness University
People are Awakening Worldwide

Friday, September 21, 2012

Speak YOUR Peace The SONG is HERE

We asked YOU 
to Speak YOUR Peace... 

 and you did ... 
We heard YOU 

"Beautiful Chorus"
Meet Beautiful Chorus
took your words...
melded them...unto
pure poetry....

Celebrate World Peace
to support project 
The LIVE Broadcast
2012 -2013

Peace Day TV LIVE Broadcast 2012

Then WE 
Celebrate World Peace
MADE it better...

 To support ALL Three Projects...
because WE believe...
and we Walk the TALK
for Cooperation
in the arts, in business, 
and in support 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Artist Tetka Rhu ... The Eye of Creation

The Eye of Creation
Mixed Media

Artist Tetka Rhu

50% of all proceeds 
support Celebrate World Peace
and its projects

SPEAK YOUR PEACE ...... Messages

Submit a short, sweet, peaceful message 
to us in support of Peace  ~ 
Email to

Then Order YOUR message....and
Support ~ The LIVE Broadcast

OR choose from one of our messages...
"Celebrate World Peace"

Peace and Love


Choose A Size


OUR Participants

Kyle King ~ TEXAS

"It is powerful to contemplate that our own rooms using our respective devices of isolation...tablet, laptop, desktop or phone...can speak, or sing, or act, as ONE voice. A symphony of differences melded into one singular beauty moment. What separates can also bring us together in ways our forebears could never have imagined. " ~ Kyle King

Lawrence R Gelber ~ Attorney At Law, New York 

"I Declare World Peace"

Sian Lindemann

Artist and Founder, Celebrate World Peace 
Celebrate World Peace

"Celebrate World Peace"

All Proceeds will Support 
the LIVE Broadcast of PeaceDay.Tv
and Speak Your Peace ~ The Song 

Janny Smits ~ The Netherlands

Janny Smits
Founder and Artistic Director
for World Peace is Possible

"World Peace is Possible"

Toby Cohantz ~ Carlsbad,California

Founder Xeden
Friend to PeaceDay.TV

"Given our free will, I choose love and peace over hatred and war".

Roger Kenton Beaty - US Air Force ~ Atlanta, Georgia

"I believe in peace through strength. Peace is a personal decision across 7 billion people. For those who decide against it we need strength. We can never expect all the 7 billion to agree with us. Many of them will stop at nothing to destroy us. We must remain strong and vigilant in order to deal with that very real threat while we choose peace and help our fellow man. (help them to learn to fish, not give them the fish."

I was in the Strategic Air Command in the late 60s and 70's in our US Air Force. SAC's motto was "Peace is our profession", the implication, of course, was that SAC could and would decisively deal with any threat against the US. The global projection of power by the world's pre-eminent air and space force. The US in unique in history as we have never claimed the territory of any nation that we have defeated. We even helped rebuild Japan and Germany after WWII. They would never have done that for us had we been defeated.

Malcom Charlaw ~ Durham, England "I declare that love and world peace IS my reality and yours "

Roger Anthony ~ USA

 1. "Peace flows from the Headwaters of Love"
 2. "Peace flows downstream from love"

Yours in Love and Peace
Roger Anthony


Founder - Crocodiles International and Crocodiles not Dinosaurs

Founder & Creator of Crocodiles Not Waterlilies, Crocoball & Crocodiles Training Programs.

"As human beings, we are designed to be successful like the wiley old Crocodile who outlived its cousin, the Dinosaur. However, most of us live our lives like the Waterlily, looking pretty, smelling pretty but going nowhere fast ...

"You can learn personal & business mastery from a punching bag. Instead of being one."

phone: 801-636-1777

Ruth Anne Wood ~  "LIVE  Your Peace"

CPC and Ambassador for CWP

Scripting for Success TM
Get your dreams out of the drawer FAST!

76 East State St.
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 872-5035

DiAnn Walksinpeaceandlove ~ 
Alburquerque, New Mexico

"Walkin in Peace and Love"

Phyllis Walker ~ Artist ~ Atlanta, Georgia

" Triumph for Peace! Advocate for Peace!"

Founder of Esperanza ~ A Woman's Hope
Founder Hummingbird Studios

Edie Weinstein ~

The Bliss Mistress
Colorfully creative journalist, motivational speaker,
interfaith minister, social worker, coach 
and the author of 
The Bliss Mistress'
Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary.

"Peace overflows from a blissfilled heart." 

Its been my experience that when people are happy,
they are able to be an even greater force for good 
in the world. 

Tric Weyerbacher Ortiz 

" One foot in front of the other, the first step is mine. Speaking and singing with one voice in rhythm and rhyme finding peace within myself and share with all throughout time." ~ Tric

Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Celebrate World Peace is participating
LIVE September 20 - 23, 2012

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WALK YOUR TALK  for peace
all year long !

Celebrate World Peace

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