Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make Peace

Hearts On Fire
Sian Design Collections
Photographer Sian Lindemann

against my more stubborn
nature ...
I picked up the phone
and "cleared the air"
with someone

who thought I was
AND dishonest.

The impact of the words
upon my soul
had me awake,
all night,
and I cried,

all morning....

for in the committment
to being and bringing forward
the very best work
I can produce...

I daringly
picked up the phone
and had a conversation,
only to discover...

it was simply
a misunderstanding.

How long might I have held onto that anger,
had I not chosen peace...
as a path to "live"
for the rest of my life.

Today I am grateful
for Courage ~

Sian Lindemann
Celebrate World Peace

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am Accountable

Bloom ~ Celebrate World Peace Collections at Sian Design Studio

I am "accountable"

Here is an interesting thought...
The "economy..."
The whole world wants to blame the 1%
for ..... ?

If you are indeed the creator of your own reality,
then how did you contribute to the current world situation...?

With a thought like this...
I have "gratitude"
had the economy not come crashing down
in my own world
I would NEVER have become
a certified professional coach
with Fowler Wainwright International....

I would never have found the tools
to simplify my work.
I would have never become dear friends
with Barbara G Wainwright

and most assuredly I would not
have cleared my most stubborn
of "self sabotage" issues.

AND I would not have had the courage
to re-emerge and place my art work first,
and my teaching second....

 "Bloom" from Sian Design Studio

I love the Ambassadors Program
I have created with Celebrate World Peace
for I am working with people I truly admire
and respect...
and as we open the door to

One Million Artists
I am living a dream of
beauty, peace, and

Like no other time in my life.

I guess its true it took
a village to "raise" this artist

and my village is "the world"

Celebrate World Peace
Sian Design Presents

Be ONE in A Million

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peace Begins With Me

Peace Begins With Me

It has been a lifetime of misplaced loyalty....
an achilles heel,
if you will,
that allowed my interpretation
of love
to be that which gave endlessly,
and finally detrimentally
to my person...

... in excess to “the other.”

This “learned” process
need not be examined
as to its cause...

I accepted that it was “present”
with me...

I also accepted that it had
its positive qualities.

As a woman it is my very nature
to “nurture,”
to give unconditionally
to my husband,
significant other
or to my work....

“without” need for acknowledgement
or recognition.

It was done … out of love
It was done,
in support of the one who held my heart.

It was authentic.

Until one day I realized,
I kept losing …
including the “other”

In discovering the work
of one Barbara G Wainwright
Co - Founder and President
Fowler Wainwright International
A Life Coach
Training and Certification company

in which I am now immersed,
as Agent, in marketing and sales, 
and as

CPC, Certified Professional Coach
CMC, Certified Master Coach and Trainer
CSC, Certified Spiritual Coach
CGLC, Certified Group Leadership Coach

and now,
Creator, Founder
Celebrate World Peace 

and the promotion of its trained coaches
as Global Ambassadors for Peace

I am now,

and proactively engaged,
for the “rest of life”
in bringing this kind of peace
to others....
who also may not have known....
“the difference.”

Peace begins with me....
and Peace is a possibility

Celebrate World Peace
is the celebration
of living life
as a fully realized human being.

Sian Lindemann

Founder ~ Celebrate World Peace

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ambassador Darrell J Williams CPC

Mr. Williams has an extensive history of professional service experience within the financial services industry encompassing the building of long term relationships with clients, assessment and management of financial portfolios, establishment of strategic relationships with projects and funding sources, training and counseling of individuals seeking financial education and financial intermediary for investment bank and private wealth entities.

As a local financial consultant Mr. Williams has worked closely with veterans previously based at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, who desired to transition from the military to ownership of private business ventures. He assisted them in developing business plans as well as consulted on funding strategies and how to access capital for their respective business ventures.

While working as a consultant to CORE Capital Investment Bank, he demonstrated his expertise in formulating and articulating funding requests that meet with the specific parameters of funding sources and creating common ground for both projects and potential funding sources. Mr. Williams has worked with several companies of various sizes assisting them as a capital consultant locating suitable funding sources for their respective projects and coordinating the interaction and exchange of information between principals of each project and funder. He has worked with individual and institutional investors who desire to participate in emerging businesses, as well as real estate opportunities. He is able to clearly identify specific needs of clients and to establish the foundation criteria of funding sources.

Contact Information
In Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone 719-201-2634 ~ Cell
Email ~

An Extraordinary "Gift" To The Feminine ~
        "As a leader of world peace whom speaks from country to country as you passionately convey the importance and distinct concept of being in complete support of one’s spouse’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life. You effectively address various audiences in spreading world peace within their homes by allowing their spouses or significant others full ownership and rights to their own assets and possessions without asking for anything in return. You know the importance of creating this type of arrangement within a marriage bond, thus forming a loving, meaningful relationship with the sweetness of “peace” in the air! 

        You passionately convey to your various worldwide listening audiences the importance of imparting world peace within their homes first and foremost by making the spouse feel secure. You eagerly tell your audience that by giving your wife what she needs, and by making her feel secure, stillness and peace is created between the two of you. You also tell them that as you step back and allow your wife to remain empowered in her home salon business, it assures her that you have her back in this endeavor she loves so much. You express that you ask for nothing in return monetarily, as everything belongs to her. The two of you have a “great” rapport, and are on the same page while providing much respect, love, and adoration for one another. "

As edited from the Vision Statement 
(Edited by Sian Lindemann) 
Written by Janet Sirmans CPC
Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

"On Spirituality" 
        Your spirituality has taken you to a completely different level in joining in to be an advocate of world peace. The sky is the limit in what you can do from this point to the next. You stand proud, beaming, faithful, energized, positive, and full of zest as you and your beloved continue to attend spiritual church services, with God as your focus.
        You know what it takes to promote world peace, and you indeed possess persistence, faith in God, a contented frame of mind, and have a very supportive network of family and friends who love and adore you very much! You take great care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, as well as spiritually in order to be a supporter of world peace. You have rose high in life, and are a highly favored individual by the creator for your fine works Darell! You continue as a leader to show love and concern for the world!!!

Vision Statement by Janet Sirmans CPC


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

See The World Through the Lens of Abundance

Ruth Anne Wood - Live Your Peace

Ruth Anne Wood 
Founder of "Live Your Peace"

Celebrate World Peace
Inteview With Founder Sian Lindemann
on the topic of Celebrate World Peace

Enrolled in Fowler Wainwright International
Certified Professional Life Coach Certification Training
She will join our Ambassadors as a CPC 
on March  26, 2012

Ruth Anne Wood
Founder Scripting For Success

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flowers Have No Shame

Life is Beauty
And Flowers Are Messengers
of Magnificence

A Vision for Peace

Shane Belceto CPC
Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

 Shane Belceto
Habitat for Humanity

A Global Vision For Peace

From my heart and by my hand 
I stand in front of you and say, 
"I have no limitations."

I hear the blindness in the world.   
Shouting righteousness, indignation, starvation, intolerance.  
 From within my spirit...stillness..peace.   
This is my life’s work. 
Sharing who I am and what I know to enlighten those 
blinded by limitation.   
To have an impact on global peace by assisting others 
to power through their limitations.

Limits are only perceived. 
 I am on this earth to provide hands-on change 
for others 
by conveying my personal experience 
of "My Normal"
thereby inspiring others to appreciate and accept their normal. 

To create stronger connections, 
more connections, more opportunities for relationships, 
more places to build a network of people 
whose lives I have affected, 
so that we all, together, make a difference. 
 Communication using every sense in my possession to reach out.

Momentum builds, 
persistence keeps the momentum building.  
 Peace within and stillness in my heart, 
the universe flows through me.  My life’s work comes from this place; 
an awareness of where I am, 
and I flip the switch which lights up the next stage. 
 I walk through each room, each stage, each one bigger and brighter than the last.

Clarity and wholeness 
comes through the strength to share what I feel 
from this deep, centered core.  
 Sharing the knowledge I have 
...that there are NO EXCUSES
Shane Belceto CPC
Shane Belceto is legally blind
He is our YOU Tube manager
for Celebrate World Peace...
and annually takes many teens
on missions serving
Habitat for Humanity
Limitation is not in his vocabulary

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make A Video

Show US how you may inspire and contribute to Celebrate World  Peace.....
and We'll upload it to our YOU Tube Channel
Show Us HOW you impart Peace in YOUR neighborhood
Make YOUR video with Animoto...
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wave of Indie Artists

Interview with Sian Lindemann
and the online Radio Show 
LIVE Your Peace
Presented by Ruth Anne Wood
One of our new Ambassadors
Bloom ~ Sian Design Photography
By My Hand.....Caroline Douglas, Sculptor

What IS Celebrate World Peace

Celebrate World Peace ...
is a project for people.
For the common man and woman,
me and you
who strive to make a difference
with our work,
our lives,
and our activities.

For over 30 years,
and with thousands of artists,
patrons, and with
business men and women,

I have lived a path of “intention,”
to create an inspired
and beautiful way of life,
through the arts.

As an artist
and as a mentor to others
I have flourished
and have found personal fulfillment...
and many others, too,
have flourished as a result.....
and have been lifted
from doubt and despair.

Beauty, art, creativity,
conscious business,
and human evolution,
are all are all topics,
actions and services,

that although somewhat intangible
provide consistent motivation
behind the “why” we take action
for the betterment of our lives,
and for the lives of others.

Celebrate World Peace is about ART
Celebrate World Peace is about LIFE
Celebrate World Peace is how we,
as just ONE person may bring
peace to our fellow man.

As A Woman Thinketh...

What If Peace Were Really That Simple ?

Celebrate World Peace you say ? 

A declaration, a statement,
a small and minute action......
A status update on Face Book.
A daily “thought” and intention
A daily prayer.

 Sian Design Photography

With the onset and enthusiasm 
for all things “personal development,”
there has been much interest in the books titled
As a Man Thinketh...
Think and Grow Rich...
that have, for some
become “dog eared” and well worn bibles
by which to live one's life.
And to be truthful....
I've never “thought” too much about either of the titles....
until recently...

One .. I am not a man
Two .. I've been rich....
and am now taking action every day
fulfillment...versus fame or wealth
and to experience...
A life fully lived,
A love fully realized
and a life's work
whose very essence is intended purely
to lift the hearts and souls of mankind.

A lofty ideal ?
An unattainable passion ?
An ungrounded destination ?

Hardly !

I think it is time
“As a Woman Thinketh”.....

 Sian Lindemannn CPC, CSC, CGLC, CMC

for her thought is nearly aways
 and without fail
an intent for peace.
At least that has been true for me.
My passion is truth....
MY truth

My aspiration to bring, discover, reveal,
and infuse everything I touch with …

Celebrate World Peace
was inspired
not by my thought
but by my discovery......
If I focus on that which brings me joy,
And I seek to partake and participate
in that which brings me joy
…..and is also true to my heart...
Magnificence, Splendor, Enlightenment and

Coaching has been just this process for me.
To deepen, to discover,
and to reveal the very very best of myself
so that I may share these treasures
with the world.

The discovery of self,
that although a temporary immersion
into a selfishly delicious
delivers unto the world
the most profound truth
and gift
I am priviledged to

Peace is Possible.
Peace is profitable.
True peace is response versus reaction.
And the result
and pretty much ...
just like dancing with the Prince...
in a Disney Movie.

Celebrate World Peace is a Project
and a thought movement.
If one does not aspire to peace...
Take action towards peace,
Respond in peace
Then one cannot know it.

A recent project
“I Declare World Peace”
created by Lawrence Gelber,
SEC Attorney and TM Practitioner
(two diametrically opposed practices )

allowed me to experience
the tenderness and actualization of knowing peace
in my own life.

A daily practice of writing
meditating on
and Face BOOKING
I Declare World Peace....
had my world change for the better.

The demonstration
the peaceful sleep of three intolerant animals,
now all curled up together napping sweetly
on the living room couch.

It had never happened before
and since I have come to believe
 that the little chirpy birds outside my window
are plotting and planning,
and are most likely
“the dress”
I shall wear to the ball...

A little corny, right ?
 its actually happening …
and as I write this open letter
to the graduates of Fowler Wainwright International
I have tears streaming down my face...
in gratitude
that I have found,
for myself
the key to peace.

It starts with me....
and what is so spectacular
 is that it too,
is now spreading...
to YOU

through Coaching,
FWI tools,
Celebrate World Peace

and now YOU
may play a part
in this magnificent puzzle....

And discover
Peace is Possible,
Peace is Profitable....
Peace is Now...
Learn More

Open exclusively to Fowler Wainwright International Graduates
for a limited time...

Live YOUR peace
Share YOUR peace
Show the WORLD how it is done
By your hand, From your heart....
The art
of Vision

Celebrate World Peace

Sian Design Presents
Sian Lindemann
Human Being....

Celebrate World Peace
Ambassadors For Peace
Fowler Wainwright International
Sian Design Presents

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