Saturday, June 23, 2012

Choose Peace

Choose Peace

Artist Liane Pinel
has generously given Celebrate World Peace 
the benefit of Proceeds 
from the sale of this image
Choose Peace

to support our project
Celebrate World Peace

It is posted in the new online gallery
Celebrate World Peace
and is available in custom
Print, Poster, Canvas and Super Scale Sizing 

Thank you Liane Pinel ! 

 Celebrate World Peace

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going Mobile Just Got Easier

This may seem so strange but while I was mobile for the last five years
enabled me to travel with a Bank Account in my purse !
Fantastic to use this service
I highly recommend it !

Refer a friend

Sian Lindiemann

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natural Creativity

©SianDesign Photo

Rik Bertrand Composed this poem 
inspired by a post

"Creativity and inspiration 
flow through me, continuously, abundantly, 
and with delight!" ~ 
Sian Lindemann ~ Artist


I can’t stop this natural creativity that is flowing through me,

It’s like an electrical current lighting me up, setting me free.
It’s continuous, abundant, delightful, and so inspiring,
I never want this emotion to stop, for it forever desires.
Life is Great.

I can capture the essences of the soul in my art,

And all that I create comes from my loving heart.
My artistic nature cries out the world at large,
I have finally taken control, my desires are charged.

Feel the passion in all that you do, feel it to your bones,

The love for all you do, are your life’s stepping stones.
Natural and with grace, I create what has never been,
Original art of the soul, with my own creative spin

I can’t stop this natural creativity that is flowing through my head,

I dream of the world’s natural art as I sleep quietly in my bed.
Come on and dream with me, feel the electric flow,
And when you wake you will be refreshed and have that artsy glow.

©Rik Bertrand ~ Poet

REB (JUNE 2012) based on a quote by Sian Lindemann

Step Into Liquid - The Film

Step Into Liquid ~ A Dana Brown Film 
Step Into Liquid 
from Artisan Entertainment ~ 
worthy of a watch on Netflix 
for this reason alone ~
 The Malloy Brothers, Irish by heritage, 
though surfing, bridged the ceaseless gap
between Catholics and Protestants
 with kids who only knew smiles 
brotherhood on this day 
~ Three gesture, 
changes lives forever,
 and in their own words "this is easy" ~ 
Those kids never looked at the other again with hatred. ~ 
Celebrate World Peace ~ 

It is possible because of ONE person, 
just like YOU

Monday, June 4, 2012

To Overcome

I write today, not to impart upon you,
any need for pity, 
but in hope
 that others may also recover 
times of great loss.

In the last five years, there was devastation and loss in practical ways that left me on the verge of giving up....
and although I did not, I did in fact let go 
in one area, that I am now taking the time to repair.

It has been through coaching 
and surrounding myself with a fantastic coaching community 
AND the care of one extraordinary Master Coach, Barbara G Wainwright,
that I regained my laughter, my heart, and my lightness of being.

It has been about five years, 
and during that time I lost my Father, whom I adored...
I lost my adoptive father, a man who I revered, 
and who taught me all I know and love about horses......
My dog died, 
My boyfriend left me for another woman, 
My horse went with that deal, 
as I'd given her my horse to lift her heart, 
and she lifted my boyfriend instead.
I lost my HOME
I lost my business.......
and I lost for a while,
a willingness from my children to communicate
with me, 
for "not being Christian"
I must be from Satan
( THAT was hard to take )

I then went through menopause,
and very nearly lost my mind.

Thank God 
for remoteness of the Rocky Mountains, 
and miles and miles of road trips,
whereby I could drive remote mountain roads, 
and scream my bloody little head off.

Now, for someone like me whose life has been MOSTLY "charmed" 
this has been a challenge 
to recover my happier nature, 
my laugh out loud giggle, 
and my recovered impression that MAN kind 
is not just a series 
of disappointments.

I am recovered. 
Yet I am recovered by my own surrender .....
and surrender unto
 I can find my heart again, 
and trust its care,
having become more discerning 
in HOW I share it.

Coaching has been the key for me.
Others who have endured similar exchanges,
 and have overcome,
have helped me along the way.

I feel so much happier now.
I look through times in my past where external beauty 
were my gifts,
and now know the inner beauty 
I cultivate and share 
goes beyond all "luck" I'd had 
in being blessed with a pretty smile.

Additionally, the stress endured above left me caring little for my external nature, 
and AGAIN through coaching, 
and dear friends sharing their gifts and craft on Face Book and Social Media, 
I am slowly chipping away the concrete wall 
I built around my heart, 
while enduring such great loss and pain.

I never really shared it outwardly.....
but my body felt its impact.

I am feeling better than I have in a long time.
I am losing weight,
taking better care of my body 
through good nutrition
and coaching others so that they too may grow....

Into love, of self , and of life.
For we are so lucky to live in these most spectacular and enriched times...... Paradise...
and you ?

Thanks to a few 
Barbara G Wainwright 
President of Fowler Wainwright International
 Nick "The Soul Whisperer"
Luis Silva
Tom Birkenmeyer
Jill Fosco
Kim Muniz
Debbie Ducic...

SO many more !!!!
to all of those who trusted me 
with their soul 
and their art...

Sian Lindemann
Celebrate World Peace
It starts with YOU ...... 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ambassador Vanessa Bragg

Vanessa Bragg CMC 
Certified Master Coach Trainer

Vanessa is an intuitive with a life
purpose and passion for assisting to raise humanity's consciousness, as a trained Wholistic Counsellor, Life and Spiritual Coach, Teacher of Mediation and an ordained Minsiter of Metaphysics, Vanessa draws on life experience and combines a range of intuitive abilities, energy and vibrational techniques to best understand you and help you connect to your truth and Inner wisdom, and ancient knowledge. Vanessa's life experience and previous roles in the corporate world and training and presentation allows her to take her clients on a wonderful journey to them selves, in a professional and creative way. 

Vanessa is the Australian Team Leader for The Wish and the founder of Style2Shine , an amazing personal development experience bring women to the place of inner matches outer, thus shining Authentic Style!
Vanessa works wholistically to ensure clients find balance spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, resulting in the opportunity to enjoy a more harmonious and balanced life.





As a professional coach and an Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace,  Vanessa Bragg creates a sacred space for women to discover and connect to their inner serenity

Vanessa is connected with women’s groups and organizations all over the planet including the Voice Internet Education for Women and Rural Women Association in Australia.  
Vanessa offers workshops and work with groups of women helping them to learn to be in alignment with their authentic selves and to be heart centered.  Women look to Vanessa and comment on how she radiates love and appears to be calm as she demonstrates how to live a simple life while being deeply involved in your family, community and global work. Vanessa shows women how they too can experience inner peace while attending to all of the challenges of living in a modern world.   

Women are inspired by your loving nature and delight in being in your presence. 

Vanessa continues to participate in yoga and maintains a self-focus that creates a balance between the physical and spiritual planes of life while learning to live with confidence and purpose.

Vision Statement Prepared
by Darrell J Williams CPC ~ Colorado 

Man AS Nature

Celebrate World Peace 

One Million Artists Celebrate World Peace 

is a HUGE project 

with  lofty ambition to engage artists 
from all over the world
 to participate in the project.

One of the most common themes discerned in over 30 years 
in the Fine Arts Industry
is the ideology
 for artists 
 to define the "quintessential" connection between man and nature, 
knowing full well, that we as humans directly impact,
and are impacted by our natural environment.

In committment to bring awareness to the need to preserve, 
conserve and protect our natural world.....

Celebrate World Peace 


Man AS Nature...

Peace !