Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Man Who Walks The Talk

Shane Belceto ~ CPC 
and Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace...

"Walks The Talk"
As one of our Ambassadors for Celebrate World Peace 
Join He and I and "STEP into Peace" 

and leave an "impression" for World Peace
Pick A Color and BUY Now

The sale of these flip flops will add to our endowment 
and Projects for Peace.
I have often supported Shane's Mission Trips
Now our endowment may support just this kind of project !

Thank you for your support 

Celebrate World Peace ~ Now

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flores Con Brio Collection

The "Flores Con Brio" Collection

The Flowers of Life.... 
 from Sian Design Presents


Print Size is 8 x 7
Frame Size 12 x 14
Custom Archival Print Signed by The Artist
Sian Lindemann

(Sculpture is from Caroline Douglas Studio, Boulder, CO and is not for sale ) 

Bloom is available  in custom prints, framed prints, 
greeting cards,
and canvas prints...
per your personal design requirements
from Fine Art America

Art Prints

Friday, May 11, 2012

Eat Pray Love

I watched Eat Pray Love two times this week.....
and I love the final advisement from Ketut, the medicine man.

" One must lose their balance for love,
in order to live a balanced life "

Fear is the NUMBER one "killer" of peace ~ 
Fear of loss, fear of loss of control, fear of heartbreak, 
fear and doubt in oneself ~ 
If one views "earth from space" there are no boundaries.....
All of these are man made ~ What will you do today ? ~ 
One "fearless" act.....
which could be as delightful as picking up the phone
 and letting just ONE person know that you love them. ~ 
Sian Lindemann "Celebrate World Peace"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Become A Certified Professional Life Coach

Sian Lindemann, Certified Master Coach 
and Master Life Coach Trainer
is now offering classes in a variety of ways 
and price points to suit
your budget.

Becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach has never been easier
LIVE in Person in New Mexico

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ambassadors For Peace

Become a Certified Professional Coach with 

Master Trainer ~ Sian Lindemann

Celebrate World Peace .....
The Book
Celebrate World Peace......
The Campaign
Celebrate World Peace......
The World Class Exhibition

Live and In Person
in New Mexico, Arizona, or Colorado

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Debbie Ducic - Friend and Advocate of Celebrate World Peace

What a complement to the Founder Sian Lindemann ~ Sent in a letter to Ellen DeGeneris asking Ellen to support Celebrate World Peace ~
THIS is beautiful !
Thank you Debbie Ducic !

From Debbie Ducic Today ~ Australia, by way of Colorado....

 "I can't think of anything more important in today's world than world peace. Our world as we know it is on the brink and there are many who are working on projects to help create or at least bring awareness to peace. Many of them are having tremendous impact, but never have I heard of a vision for creating world peace that is as unusual, unique and TOTALLY from another realm as the one shared by my friend and colleague, Sian Lindemann.

As I write this, she is recruiting ambassadors of peace who are helping others define their own visions of how they can themselves contribute and recruit others. The point is to gain one million people around the world who will share their own visions (many of them creatives and artists since that is Sian's realm of expertise) with the culmination being a world wide exhibition with amazing technology never before available, let alone affordable to the masses!

It's a VERY exciting initiative and involves the purest of intentions and is not born of fear, but of possibility, creativity and beauty! That is what sets this apart from the any other peace initiative out there today and I am setting the intention that YOU will see the value of this HUGE dream and help us make it a reality!"

Debbie Ducic ~ Artist, Photographer, Art Ability World Participant, Global "sister"