Monday, April 29, 2013

Leadership Through Coaching

It is the intent of Celebrate World Peace,
and its Mission
To create......

"Peace" from the inside out, through coaching...

and to provide the tools to those individuals who might wish
to impact, and to help others grow, evolve, to become
empowered, and to serve humanity in a way the imparts "peace"

Coaching is just that tool.
With over 30 years experience as a Consultant,
it was in 2008 that I became familiar with
the concept of coaching.  I realized very quickly
that different from consulting or advisory services....

Coaching is the best KEY to personal empowerment,
for the client ... I have ever found.
Its efficient, its effective, its simple and its sustainable.

I've witnessed clients getting MUCH better results through coaching
than with any other immersive tool or workshop content that is
currently available....

and now We, at SianGlobal and Celebrate World Peace
are offering YOU an extraordinary opportunity

To Become A Professional Coach
To Become a Group Leadership Coach

Become A Coach

With over 6,000 Graduates Worldwide,
Coaching is more than a trend, it is the true key to
"Peace.......from the inside out"

Thank you for your support

Please join us
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Sian Lindemann
in New Mexico

Certified Master Coach
Certified Spiritual Coach
Certified Group Leadership Coach and Trainer
Certified Master Career Coach Trainer