Sunday, January 6, 2013

All Around The World for Celebrate World Peace


  1. I get first comment. Yay, me. Also, yay, Gaea. She's cool, too. Cooler! Am I covered or did someone's Karma run over my dawgma . . . again . . . :))

    1. Thanks Frank Picasso ~ I just teamed up with the creator of the page "The JOY of Quotes" ~ and with over 950,000 visits per year, her globe sparkles like a star ~ We want to inspire the world over to Celebrate Peace ~ those moments when LIFE is truly amazing, connected, deep, heartful and rich ~ for it overflows into all you do and with all you meet

  2. Congrats ! ღ❀�� Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute I Celebrate World Peace. All the Best.