Sunday, September 23, 2012

Walk The Talk for Peace

Walk The Talk ..... for peace all year long ~
Celebrate World Peace


Celebrate World Peace

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Celebrate World Peace 
make an Impression...
Peace On Earth
is within our reach



  1. I love these! Any way they can be made with a bit of a heel or arch support? I can't wear the really flat flip flops; they just kill my feet

    1. Hi Jennifer ~ No we can't really do anything with the flip flops but we are looking at other shoe styles to incorporate the messages ~ Thanks for asking ~ and I'll keep you in mind ~ Happy NEW Year to you ~ Perhaps we can custom design another product for you ~ Let me know !!!

  2. I just ordered some flipflops, but there was no where to add my size or color or what words I want... so I would like Pink Medium and "World Peace is Possible."

    I really think that these are great and what is better is your support for PeaceDayTV. They are doing amazing things to share the wonderful work for Peace that people are creating everyday.

    Thank YOU,