Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Global Ambassador Deena Gray Henry

My wish  for humanity is to 
" Receive unconditional love,
unconditional acceptance; recognize inspiration,
follow intuition, act immediately."
Deena Gray - Henry

Deena Gray - Henry CPC

Deena envisions helping everyone worldwide realize light, truth, integrity, love, peace, financial freedom, total health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Since 2007, Deena has helped hundreds of clients -- individuals, children, couples, counselors, professionals, business owners and even animals.  They have experienced remarkable, life-improving results from their sessions with Deena.

Deena's intuitive ability is finely tuned.  She is able to quickly and accurately identify the root of negative issues, release low energy (fear, anger, trauma, stress, dis-ease) and replace them with high energy (love, joy, peace, happiness, confidence, wellness).  One of Deena's gifts is knowing the ideal affirmations her clients need to create easy, gentle and permanent shifts into high-energy thoughts, habits and wellness.    

Deena is a certified SimplyHealed™ practitioner, serves as a Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace and is a Fowler Wainwright International certified life coach.

Deena desires to create high energy in all layers, levels and areas of her clients’ lives. To facilitate high energy, total wellness and wellbeing, Deena now offers Nikken International and essential therapeutic oils products to enhance her work.  Deena’s blend of energy work, life coaching skills, Nikken products and therapeutic oils ensures amazing, lasting results for her clients.

Deena is very grateful for her many clients who share their inspiring testimonials and is humbled to help them in their journey to 'Be Free'!  She recognizes the hand of the Master Healer in her work and is eternally grateful for His permanent presence in her life!

 Deena Gray - Henry CPC
Phone ~ 657-333-6244

A Global Vision For Peace

 From my heart, by my hand, 
 I become a beacon of light, reaching in all directions, 
embracing all who are drawn to me 
and sheltering all 
in a shimmering turquoise sea of unconditional acceptance. 

Glowing countenances radiate harmony and unity. 

Feel the living, sentient sense of highest energy formed from love. 

  My gift to you is the intuitive path 
upon which we receive unconditional love, 
recognize inspiration, 
follow intuition, and act immediately. 
 Peace permeates reality to become reality.  

 From this foundation, have an open mind to see what is available. 

  Have an open heart to accept and use what is right.    

The foundation supports more than enough
h to facilitate good choices, 
giving everyone the choice to be who you are intended to be. 


The highest vibration shimmers to smooth rough edges
  fill in the cracks.  
Every minute of every day, 
create the synergy in tangible love and peace.
Author Pamela Rice CPC
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LIVE from the Pacific Northwest Women's Conference
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  1. Deena will be featured on The Dr. Pat show ~ Dr Pat has featured such luminaries as Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston and so many MORE ~ We are honored to have Deena on board with us and SHE is an amazing "energy" healer.....I humbly suggest giving her a call......You'll not be able to "help" from smiling !!! She is SPECTACULAR !