Monday, April 16, 2012

Living in Abundance is a Learned Behaviour

How is your relationship with wealth, 
abundance and

I awakened this morning with a vision 
of a perfectly still and blooming
lotus blossom......

It was a feeling of complete peace....
letting go of all things that have kept me from living 
my truest heart.

And I made a decision....
to approach each day, again
with love
with allowance for the pursuit
of the things that make me most happy.

Sharing an understanding of the state of abundance
was the topic that occurred to me.

Having lived a life of wealth, 
Having shifted into a life of abundance,
that included money but was far richer than 
simply the pursuit of money....

is something that still eludes so many
and leaves so many without peace.

It is based in fear, 
not enough
lack of worthiness,
and all of those feelings.....


Think about that 
Where did you first "learn" and blueprint
your thoughts and feelings about money.

I want to introduce you to T Harv Eker...

who as a mentor and guide for millions of people worldwide
has assisted people to understand where they first 
developed their relationship with money,
and how it has been affecting one's behavior 
all of their lives

May I share that learning this 
ONE little thing
"my money blueprint" 
shifted my awareness and my ability 
to recieve money
AND the state of wealth in much greater comfort.

The Millionaire Mind 
is a program that T Harv Eker created years 
ago and continues to flourish all over the
and it is free to YOU 
Complements of Sian Design Presents
Celebrate World Peace

You will not have peace in your heart 
until you soothe the relationship you 
have with money.

Please accept our free gift 
to you today.

Your FREE Pass To The Millionaire Mind

Complements of Sian Design

Sian Lindemann
Founder of Sian Design Presents
Founder Celebrate World Peace 

Your Free Pass To The Millionaire Mind 

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  1. Everywhere today ... the Lotus
    From Oscar Wilde
    "The New Helen"
    The lotus-leaves which heal the wounds of Death
    Lie in thy hand; O, be thou kind to me,