Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Its 2012...
and this is the year where fear is a thing of the past.

It has been so rewarding to have had a dear colleague describe me to another as "fearless" ~ for without "fearless" I could never have initiated this project Celebrate World Peace, nor could I have continued when what seemed an impossible hurdle, presented itself, just a few short months after we'd begun.

I lost the initial support for the project,  lost my fulltime "JOB", duked it out with a couple of the "Ambassadors" ( peace, WHAT??)
was told the method and means were immoral and dishonest, and a plethora of activities required me.... to stand tall, hold firm, and bite my tongue, all in support of our advocacy for peace....

PHEW !!!

Now, on the "other" side, what has also occurred is to be recieving the greatest support I've ever experienced on any project EVER in my life, now a career of over 30 years.

So much support, so much love, and so much GREAT collaboration,
with artists, individuals, and spectacular "champions" of my ideals and goals.....

To those who have helped us turn the corner.....Toby Cohantz, of All Things Peace, and Peace Day TV, Jake Collins ( HE is one to watch my friends ) Jill Fosco ( the best surprise EVER ) Our Ambassadors, Pamela Rice, Shane Belceto, Deena Gray- Henry, Janet Sirmans, Darrell J Williams, Vanessa Bragg,  Komala Nicholas, Ruth Anne Wood, Barbara G Wainwright, Marta Davidovich, and Wendy Wolski,  and YOURS truly, Founder and artist,  Sian Lindemann.

Thank you to all of YOU !!!
Celebrate World Peace

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