Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whisper Blue

Whisper Blue 

Inspired Art To Acquire In Support of Peace 

Feature Artist Sian Lindemann
Founder of Celebrate World Peace

Poem by Rick Bertrand


Delicate petals of life wrap around my whisper blue,

Savoring the colors of experience, and the morning dew.
Life starts out in black and white,
Until you fill in the colors, oh so bright.

Whisper blue is the color of my life

Be it soothing or manic in strife
My Blue Whispers and soothes the pain
Like the gentle falling of the Oregon rain

I carry my flower of life in my heart

Wrapped in sweet love like precious art.
The Whisper blue, in my petals, expand.
Like the crystals of the desert sands.

Whisper blue you can devour me,

You can set your color and set me free.
Your color shows my heart’s desire
Soothing blue and full of fire.

REB (JULY 2012) Inspired by Sian Lindemann Artwork

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