Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ambassador Vanessa Bragg

Vanessa Bragg CMC 
Certified Master Coach Trainer

Vanessa is an intuitive with a life
purpose and passion for assisting to raise humanity's consciousness, as a trained Wholistic Counsellor, Life and Spiritual Coach, Teacher of Mediation and an ordained Minsiter of Metaphysics, Vanessa draws on life experience and combines a range of intuitive abilities, energy and vibrational techniques to best understand you and help you connect to your truth and Inner wisdom, and ancient knowledge. Vanessa's life experience and previous roles in the corporate world and training and presentation allows her to take her clients on a wonderful journey to them selves, in a professional and creative way. 

Vanessa is the Australian Team Leader for The Wish and the founder of Style2Shine , an amazing personal development experience bring women to the place of inner matches outer, thus shining Authentic Style!
Vanessa works wholistically to ensure clients find balance spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, resulting in the opportunity to enjoy a more harmonious and balanced life.





As a professional coach and an Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace,  Vanessa Bragg creates a sacred space for women to discover and connect to their inner serenity

Vanessa is connected with women’s groups and organizations all over the planet including the Voice Internet Education for Women and Rural Women Association in Australia.  
Vanessa offers workshops and work with groups of women helping them to learn to be in alignment with their authentic selves and to be heart centered.  Women look to Vanessa and comment on how she radiates love and appears to be calm as she demonstrates how to live a simple life while being deeply involved in your family, community and global work. Vanessa shows women how they too can experience inner peace while attending to all of the challenges of living in a modern world.   

Women are inspired by your loving nature and delight in being in your presence. 

Vanessa continues to participate in yoga and maintains a self-focus that creates a balance between the physical and spiritual planes of life while learning to live with confidence and purpose.

Vision Statement Prepared
by Darrell J Williams CPC ~ Colorado 

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