Saturday, June 2, 2012

Man AS Nature

Celebrate World Peace 

One Million Artists Celebrate World Peace 

is a HUGE project 

with  lofty ambition to engage artists 
from all over the world
 to participate in the project.

One of the most common themes discerned in over 30 years 
in the Fine Arts Industry
is the ideology
 for artists 
 to define the "quintessential" connection between man and nature, 
knowing full well, that we as humans directly impact,
and are impacted by our natural environment.

In committment to bring awareness to the need to preserve, 
conserve and protect our natural world.....

Celebrate World Peace 


Man AS Nature...

Peace ! 


  1. Thanks for the grins! He's good!

  2. Just wait Deb ~ I've designed an international campaign "man as Nature" ~ Sian Design Presents ARTS !!! Very cute