Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natural Creativity

©SianDesign Photo

Rik Bertrand Composed this poem 
inspired by a post

"Creativity and inspiration 
flow through me, continuously, abundantly, 
and with delight!" ~ 
Sian Lindemann ~ Artist


I can’t stop this natural creativity that is flowing through me,

It’s like an electrical current lighting me up, setting me free.
It’s continuous, abundant, delightful, and so inspiring,
I never want this emotion to stop, for it forever desires.
Life is Great.

I can capture the essences of the soul in my art,

And all that I create comes from my loving heart.
My artistic nature cries out the world at large,
I have finally taken control, my desires are charged.

Feel the passion in all that you do, feel it to your bones,

The love for all you do, are your life’s stepping stones.
Natural and with grace, I create what has never been,
Original art of the soul, with my own creative spin

I can’t stop this natural creativity that is flowing through my head,

I dream of the world’s natural art as I sleep quietly in my bed.
Come on and dream with me, feel the electric flow,
And when you wake you will be refreshed and have that artsy glow.

©Rik Bertrand ~ Poet

REB (JUNE 2012) based on a quote by Sian Lindemann

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