Monday, September 10, 2012

Ambassador Wendy Wolski

Welcome to 0ur most recent Ambassador 

Wendy L Wolski, MS CPC

When you ask most people what they want to do with their life, the answer often is something relating to “I want to help people”. Accountants do that by helping others with money in their life or business. Social workers help clients access resources. Teachers firefighters and physical therapists are obvious routes to helping others.  

There are many avenues to helping others and mine focuses on empowering them. My experiences have focused on facilitating personal growth and values clarification for teens, students and professionals. One common observation throughout my experience is that we rarely stop and celebrate the successes as we are too focused on the next big thing coming down the pike.

The concept of World Peace and this effort to celebrate it resonates with me because it is about choice- making a choice to act respectfully, with appreciation, seeking understanding, placing a high value on individuals, all forms of life, and our environment.  And those are all steps that individuals can take day by day.

When the opportunity to get involved with Celebrate World Peace, I got very excited. As a teen in the 80s, I remember being very afraid of nuclear war- there were movies and even pop songs about it. We had discussion groups in school about it. Through communication and perseverance, we came out of the Cold War. And while it’s true that threats remain, I believe its also true that we are more willing to listen and more eager to understand each other. It seems the idea of taking individual responsibility is finally hitting home.

As a coach, I  have a fascinating vantage point to listen to the common consciousness. Through PopLeadership, my coaching and consulting practice, I focus on Powerful Personal Development for Gen X and Gen Y.  I help individual and group clients create fulfilling futures, consider alternatives, identify creative solutions and leverage strengths to overcome obstacles.  I think its fair to say that coaching clients take responsibility for their choices and ownership of their outcomes. 
Take the phrase, “baby steps””-- it usually means that little by little you’ll reach your goal. But lets consider an actual baby’s steps. For the most part- once babies learn to walk, it’s not long before they start to run, skip, climb and scamper about. Some dance, some become marathoners- and even though that baby didn’t know at the time where those steps might take him, those around who supported and encouraged him knew there was nowhere he couldn’t go!

So the next time you encourage a baby, or consider a ‘baby’ movement like Celebrate World Peace, take a moment to stop and appreciate that journey. Celebrate the accomplishments to date. How far has that baby come, and how far can he go? How far on the road to World Peace we HAVE  come.  We can help and encourage each other in amazing ways by choosing to listen and understand.

Like my favorite Margaret Mead quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Our vision to involve 1 million people in Celebrate World Peace, is globally speaking, a small group. Baby steps, people, baby steps... I couldn’t be happier with my front row seat!

I look forward to working with you!

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