Thursday, September 6, 2012

Speak YOUR Peace and Beautiful Chorus

WE are ....  writing a Song  !!!
To Celebrate World Peace...

and whether or not you can
sing like a bird,
write like an angel,
Walk like an Egyptian....

Your voice will be heard.....

THREE simple steps...
Here's how

1) Speak Your Peace ~

Write a status update on this page, ONE "SHORT" 
thoughtful message
that YOU
want to share with the world on
The International Day of Peace,
September 21, 2012

For example
"Celebrate World Peace"
"Walk The Talk" for peace
"Sing For Peace"
"I am Peace"
"Love and Peace"
"I Paint For Peace"
"I Dance For Peace"

YOUR special message
Please keep it to ONE sentence or phrase ~ (There is a GREAT reason for brevity)

2) Send me a Message

Then send me an email
with YOUR special message and
with YES in the subject line that I know I may
share YOUR message with the world AND your name,
and where YOU are from.  OK ????

From these messages.....we are going to create a SONG
We are going to discern a global "intent"
and the AMAZING Vocal Group

Beautiful Chorus
Meet Beautiful Chorus ON Facebook

is going to write, produce and sing this song
for PeaceDay.Tv on the weekend of September 20 through 23, 2012
for The International Day of Peace.

3) Share This NOTE
with your friends, Colleagues, Family and Groups

Our first task is to collect, compile, and extract
from YOU
a Global Wish for Peace

Then ~ Stay Tuned
and see how we can "Walk THIS Talk"
forward into the world
and yes, at long last....

Celebrate World Peace
Celebrate World Peace - The GROUP on Facebook

Click here to read All of our messages
You are writing the song.... 

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