Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Artist Tetka Rhu

"Art is a Way of Life"....

 Artist Tetka Rhu

Art has become a way of life....
Tetka realized,
and has now understood 
that she is a conduit,
an open channel,
and is able to 
access energies through...
that provide healing and well - being
to those ...
...who interact with her
 and with her art.

The Art of Karate-do 

and the Mysteries of Spiritual Healing 
also opened her awareness

 to the realm of 
Metaphysical Masters.

She embodies a deep understanding 
of living ...

....The Way of the Sacred Spirit.

There was an early event
that was the catalyst 
to her deepened Truth...

...and understanding.

 The loss of a child,
a family friend, 
and a desire to support the family 
in their extreme time of need....
Tetka set an intention
a desire to connect
to the spirit of the departed daughter...
and thus, created an artwork 
that palpably emulated
 love, peace ....

... and harmony...
and offered healing to her friends.

For the family,
the art work and the room
in which it was prominently displayed
then became a place 
of peace

It is from that day, 
and that experience
where Tetka Rhu
now finds her inspiration.....
to consciously create
imbued with a desire to impart healing,
and to encourage her patrons
to receive the bounty of their inner wealth,
through beauty. 

The artist is a living
example of her intentions.

The information and inspirations
she shares
 is not derived from books
but is imparted from 
the collective consciousness of mankind.

Global Harmony
Artist Tetka Rhu, Australia

Contact Information
Skype: tetkarhu

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