Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ambassador Darrell J Williams CPC

Mr. Williams has an extensive history of professional service experience within the financial services industry encompassing the building of long term relationships with clients, assessment and management of financial portfolios, establishment of strategic relationships with projects and funding sources, training and counseling of individuals seeking financial education and financial intermediary for investment bank and private wealth entities.

As a local financial consultant Mr. Williams has worked closely with veterans previously based at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, who desired to transition from the military to ownership of private business ventures. He assisted them in developing business plans as well as consulted on funding strategies and how to access capital for their respective business ventures.

While working as a consultant to CORE Capital Investment Bank, he demonstrated his expertise in formulating and articulating funding requests that meet with the specific parameters of funding sources and creating common ground for both projects and potential funding sources. Mr. Williams has worked with several companies of various sizes assisting them as a capital consultant locating suitable funding sources for their respective projects and coordinating the interaction and exchange of information between principals of each project and funder. He has worked with individual and institutional investors who desire to participate in emerging businesses, as well as real estate opportunities. He is able to clearly identify specific needs of clients and to establish the foundation criteria of funding sources.

Contact Information
In Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone 719-201-2634 ~ Cell
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An Extraordinary "Gift" To The Feminine ~
        "As a leader of world peace whom speaks from country to country as you passionately convey the importance and distinct concept of being in complete support of one’s spouse’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life. You effectively address various audiences in spreading world peace within their homes by allowing their spouses or significant others full ownership and rights to their own assets and possessions without asking for anything in return. You know the importance of creating this type of arrangement within a marriage bond, thus forming a loving, meaningful relationship with the sweetness of “peace” in the air! 

        You passionately convey to your various worldwide listening audiences the importance of imparting world peace within their homes first and foremost by making the spouse feel secure. You eagerly tell your audience that by giving your wife what she needs, and by making her feel secure, stillness and peace is created between the two of you. You also tell them that as you step back and allow your wife to remain empowered in her home salon business, it assures her that you have her back in this endeavor she loves so much. You express that you ask for nothing in return monetarily, as everything belongs to her. The two of you have a “great” rapport, and are on the same page while providing much respect, love, and adoration for one another. "

As edited from the Vision Statement 
(Edited by Sian Lindemann) 
Written by Janet Sirmans CPC
Global Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

"On Spirituality" 
        Your spirituality has taken you to a completely different level in joining in to be an advocate of world peace. The sky is the limit in what you can do from this point to the next. You stand proud, beaming, faithful, energized, positive, and full of zest as you and your beloved continue to attend spiritual church services, with God as your focus.
        You know what it takes to promote world peace, and you indeed possess persistence, faith in God, a contented frame of mind, and have a very supportive network of family and friends who love and adore you very much! You take great care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, as well as spiritually in order to be a supporter of world peace. You have rose high in life, and are a highly favored individual by the creator for your fine works Darell! You continue as a leader to show love and concern for the world!!!

Vision Statement by Janet Sirmans CPC


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