Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am Accountable

Bloom ~ Celebrate World Peace Collections at Sian Design Studio

I am "accountable"

Here is an interesting thought...
The "economy..."
The whole world wants to blame the 1%
for ..... ?

If you are indeed the creator of your own reality,
then how did you contribute to the current world situation...?

With a thought like this...
I have "gratitude"
had the economy not come crashing down
in my own world
I would NEVER have become
a certified professional coach
with Fowler Wainwright International....

I would never have found the tools
to simplify my work.
I would have never become dear friends
with Barbara G Wainwright

and most assuredly I would not
have cleared my most stubborn
of "self sabotage" issues.

AND I would not have had the courage
to re-emerge and place my art work first,
and my teaching second....

 "Bloom" from Sian Design Studio

I love the Ambassadors Program
I have created with Celebrate World Peace
for I am working with people I truly admire
and respect...
and as we open the door to

One Million Artists
I am living a dream of
beauty, peace, and

Like no other time in my life.

I guess its true it took
a village to "raise" this artist

and my village is "the world"

Celebrate World Peace
Sian Design Presents

Be ONE in A Million

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