Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As A Woman Thinketh...

What If Peace Were Really That Simple ?

Celebrate World Peace you say ? 

A declaration, a statement,
a small and minute action......
A status update on Face Book.
A daily “thought” and intention
A daily prayer.

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With the onset and enthusiasm 
for all things “personal development,”
there has been much interest in the books titled
As a Man Thinketh...
Think and Grow Rich...
that have, for some
become “dog eared” and well worn bibles
by which to live one's life.
And to be truthful....
I've never “thought” too much about either of the titles....
until recently...

One .. I am not a man
Two .. I've been rich....
and am now taking action every day
fulfillment...versus fame or wealth
and to experience...
A life fully lived,
A love fully realized
and a life's work
whose very essence is intended purely
to lift the hearts and souls of mankind.

A lofty ideal ?
An unattainable passion ?
An ungrounded destination ?

Hardly !

I think it is time
“As a Woman Thinketh”.....

 Sian Lindemannn CPC, CSC, CGLC, CMC

for her thought is nearly aways
 and without fail
an intent for peace.
At least that has been true for me.
My passion is truth....
MY truth

My aspiration to bring, discover, reveal,
and infuse everything I touch with …

Celebrate World Peace
was inspired
not by my thought
but by my discovery......
If I focus on that which brings me joy,
And I seek to partake and participate
in that which brings me joy
…..and is also true to my heart...
Magnificence, Splendor, Enlightenment and

Coaching has been just this process for me.
To deepen, to discover,
and to reveal the very very best of myself
so that I may share these treasures
with the world.

The discovery of self,
that although a temporary immersion
into a selfishly delicious
delivers unto the world
the most profound truth
and gift
I am priviledged to

Peace is Possible.
Peace is profitable.
True peace is response versus reaction.
And the result
and pretty much ...
just like dancing with the Prince...
in a Disney Movie.

Celebrate World Peace is a Project
and a thought movement.
If one does not aspire to peace...
Take action towards peace,
Respond in peace
Then one cannot know it.

A recent project
“I Declare World Peace”
created by Lawrence Gelber,
SEC Attorney and TM Practitioner
(two diametrically opposed practices )

allowed me to experience
the tenderness and actualization of knowing peace
in my own life.

A daily practice of writing
meditating on
and Face BOOKING
I Declare World Peace....
had my world change for the better.

The demonstration
the peaceful sleep of three intolerant animals,
now all curled up together napping sweetly
on the living room couch.

It had never happened before
and since I have come to believe
 that the little chirpy birds outside my window
are plotting and planning,
and are most likely
“the dress”
I shall wear to the ball...

A little corny, right ?
 its actually happening …
and as I write this open letter
to the graduates of Fowler Wainwright International
I have tears streaming down my face...
in gratitude
that I have found,
for myself
the key to peace.

It starts with me....
and what is so spectacular
 is that it too,
is now spreading...
to YOU

through Coaching,
FWI tools,
Celebrate World Peace

and now YOU
may play a part
in this magnificent puzzle....

And discover
Peace is Possible,
Peace is Profitable....
Peace is Now...
Learn More

Open exclusively to Fowler Wainwright International Graduates
for a limited time...

Live YOUR peace
Share YOUR peace
Show the WORLD how it is done
By your hand, From your heart....
The art
of Vision

Celebrate World Peace

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Sian Lindemann
Human Being....

Celebrate World Peace
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Fowler Wainwright International
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  1. By the way, being a securities lawyer and a practitioner of TM are not opposed in any way. Among the purposes of Transcendental Meditation are removal of systemic stress, increasing efficiency in acting in the world and smoothing the path to enlightenment. The Bhagavad Gita speaks of dharma (duty, or purpose in life.) TM helped me discover that my dharma is to be a lawyer - there can be no finer spiritual path. Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer too. Along this path, I have also developed the I Declare World Peace project. The universe is multi-faceted, as are the flowers you so eloquently capture in your images, and as are the lives we lead. The facets of an intergated individual (I do not claim integration, merely striving towards it) do not conflict, they harmonize. As Maharishi said: The beauty of the garden is in the variety of the flowers. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for your post Lawrence....and for the clarification... I am honored to call you friend, for you represent a new wave of "justice"