Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Vision for Peace

Shane Belceto CPC
Ambassador for Celebrate World Peace

 Shane Belceto
Habitat for Humanity

A Global Vision For Peace

From my heart and by my hand 
I stand in front of you and say, 
"I have no limitations."

I hear the blindness in the world.   
Shouting righteousness, indignation, starvation, intolerance.  
 From within my spirit...stillness..peace.   
This is my life’s work. 
Sharing who I am and what I know to enlighten those 
blinded by limitation.   
To have an impact on global peace by assisting others 
to power through their limitations.

Limits are only perceived. 
 I am on this earth to provide hands-on change 
for others 
by conveying my personal experience 
of "My Normal"
thereby inspiring others to appreciate and accept their normal. 

To create stronger connections, 
more connections, more opportunities for relationships, 
more places to build a network of people 
whose lives I have affected, 
so that we all, together, make a difference. 
 Communication using every sense in my possession to reach out.

Momentum builds, 
persistence keeps the momentum building.  
 Peace within and stillness in my heart, 
the universe flows through me.  My life’s work comes from this place; 
an awareness of where I am, 
and I flip the switch which lights up the next stage. 
 I walk through each room, each stage, each one bigger and brighter than the last.

Clarity and wholeness 
comes through the strength to share what I feel 
from this deep, centered core.  
 Sharing the knowledge I have 
...that there are NO EXCUSES
Shane Belceto CPC
Shane Belceto is legally blind
He is our YOU Tube manager
for Celebrate World Peace...
and annually takes many teens
on missions serving
Habitat for Humanity
Limitation is not in his vocabulary


  1. Thank you to Pamela Rice CPC, for creating this Vision with Shane ! Our CPC Ambassadors wish to assist you to create a Global Vision for Peace ~
    Contact info@CelebrateWorldpeace to join us here

  2. Shane, you are a shining star, and it was an honour to work with you on your Vision.

  3. Thank you Pamela ~ YES ... Shane expressed he too was pleased with the outcome of the interview and the "declaration of personal intent"
    Thank you for being the rockstar that you are on our team, dedicated to peace and humanity ~
    Sian Lindemann, Founder ~ Celebrate World Peace