Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What IS Celebrate World Peace

Celebrate World Peace ...
is a project for people.
For the common man and woman,
me and you
who strive to make a difference
with our work,
our lives,
and our activities.

For over 30 years,
and with thousands of artists,
patrons, and with
business men and women,

I have lived a path of “intention,”
to create an inspired
and beautiful way of life,
through the arts.

As an artist
and as a mentor to others
I have flourished
and have found personal fulfillment...
and many others, too,
have flourished as a result.....
and have been lifted
from doubt and despair.

Beauty, art, creativity,
conscious business,
and human evolution,
are all are all topics,
actions and services,

that although somewhat intangible
provide consistent motivation
behind the “why” we take action
for the betterment of our lives,
and for the lives of others.

Celebrate World Peace is about ART
Celebrate World Peace is about LIFE
Celebrate World Peace is how we,
as just ONE person may bring
peace to our fellow man.

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