Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peace Begins With Me

Peace Begins With Me

It has been a lifetime of misplaced loyalty....
an achilles heel,
if you will,
that allowed my interpretation
of love
to be that which gave endlessly,
and finally detrimentally
to my person...

... in excess to “the other.”

This “learned” process
need not be examined
as to its cause...

I accepted that it was “present”
with me...

I also accepted that it had
its positive qualities.

As a woman it is my very nature
to “nurture,”
to give unconditionally
to my husband,
significant other
or to my work....

“without” need for acknowledgement
or recognition.

It was done … out of love
It was done,
in support of the one who held my heart.

It was authentic.

Until one day I realized,
I kept losing …
including the “other”

In discovering the work
of one Barbara G Wainwright
Co - Founder and President
Fowler Wainwright International
A Life Coach
Training and Certification company

in which I am now immersed,
as Agent, in marketing and sales, 
and as

CPC, Certified Professional Coach
CMC, Certified Master Coach and Trainer
CSC, Certified Spiritual Coach
CGLC, Certified Group Leadership Coach

and now,
Creator, Founder
Celebrate World Peace 

and the promotion of its trained coaches
as Global Ambassadors for Peace

I am now,

and proactively engaged,
for the “rest of life”
in bringing this kind of peace
to others....
who also may not have known....
“the difference.”

Peace begins with me....
and Peace is a possibility

Celebrate World Peace
is the celebration
of living life
as a fully realized human being.

Sian Lindemann

Founder ~ Celebrate World Peace

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  1. Such an inspiring environment to hold one of your Life Training classes Sian. The four pencil pines at the entrance form an 11:11 too ~ How amazing is that?

  2. You mean in front of Arcosanti...yes....I hold classes there once a month
    Thanks for posting Alison !